Allama Iqbal Open University Has Approved New Academic Programs

Allama Iqbal Open University Has Approved New Academic Programs:

Department heads, senior officers, and outside members were at the meeting where the Academic Council of Allama Iqbal Open University accepted the start of new programs. These include BS programs, PGD programs, certificate courses, and short courses.

The Academic Planning and Development/Research and Educational Technology Committee (APD/RET) of AIOU met for the 51st time, and the Academic Council met for the 67th time.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood led the meeting, which Registrar Raja Umer Younis called. Everyone approved the minutes from the last meeting.

The council also agreed to changes to the names and topics of many classes given by the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

You can now take a short IELTS course, a PGD in clinical nutrition, and BS programs in political science, international relations, data science, artificial intelligence, and environmental studies.

Also, things on the list from service offices like the Examination Department, the Directorate of Regional Services, and the Directorate of Academic Planning and Course Production were passed.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood, has told the faculty and deans that when they make classes and other materials for teaching, they must follow the rules set by the university and the Higher Education Commission. He said hello to the new members and promised to make education better.

The Executive Council, which is the university’s highest body, will approve these choices at its next meeting. The Directorate of Regional Services, the Directorate of Academic Planning and Course Production, and the Examination Department all had things on the agenda that were passed.

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